3 Lessons I Learned from Gardening


It is Easter time. Nature has awoken. The most beautiful time of the year, when trees and flowers are blossoming, and the scents are so amazingly captivating my senses.


I decided to plant beautiful roses in the garden. This garden is in my mountain villa. Recently, I started to renovate the building, little by little, because I want to spend more time there. This is the place where I connect with myself on a deeper level and boost my creativity. There is something amazingly simple and yet magical in that place, something pure and deep I feel when I am there. This is where I grew up, this is where I feel connected with my roots, my core, my essence.


And the first lesson I learned while planting the roses is connected with the root. My mom is an agronomist and she was teaching me gardening. We started to dig 40 x 40 cm holes where we could plant the small rose bushes. The great difficulty we came across, were the roots of the small oak saplings. The garden is next to a beautiful oak grove and lots of acorns fall on the ground. Having the excellent natural environment they grow as saplings. You see on the surface a fragile sapling and can never imagine, judging by the tenderness of this little baby tree, how strong and deep its root is. I was amazed by the difficulty we had to uproot these small saplings because of their strong and deep roots.


The first lesson is:  “Take care of your roots, your core!”

This is what will preserve you from all storms in life. No matter how fragile you may seem, your deep root, your core will be your strength, your resilience, your pillar. I have always been fond of the holistic self-care. This is care on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. This is also the approach in my coaching work. I help my clients to get awareness about themselves on all levels. Our primary focus however is on the “core self”. Reconnecting with your core values and purpose of life is essential to build strong roots. The process of getting to know yourself creates the awareness of Who you truly are vs. Who you think you are and is the most important step on the journey back home, which is your transformational journey.


While planting, I was asking mom about the roses and she told me a story. The roses we buy are created by agronomists as hybrids between rose and rosehip? Why? Because in this way the rose bush is getting resilient and stronger. It takes the endurance to all changing environmental conditions from the wild rose hip and still keeps its beauty. This is a special process whereas my mom explained, the cells of the wild rosehip and the rose merge together and create this beautiful and enduring bush that blossoms throughout the seasons of spring, summer and autumn.


The second lesson I learned is about relationships and that is: when we connect on a deeper level with each other, we create strong and beautiful unions that stand the time and all storms in life! Focusing on the good, our strengths and values is strengthening the bond. We grow harmoniously together and water the relationship with love and joy.


The third lesson comes from another important process and this is cutting the edge of the outgrowths of the small rose bush. Why? My mom explained that this is how the renewal happens and it stimulates the growth of the rose.


This is the third lesson and it’s the lesson of letting go!


Letting go of what doesn’t serve your purpose, saying no to what is not aligned with who you are, your inner truth is the most challenging practice for my clients. I often say that letting go is a spiritual practice. It requires faith and focus on the present moment with gratitude. Very often we cling onto situations and people, because we are disconnected from our roots, we feel weak and needy, we need to control, we need things to be our own way… all these are symptoms of low vibrational energy and the cure is again to go deeper within yourself, connect, focus on the good with gratitude and follow the natural rhythm and flow of life, embrace with curiosity what life presents you, because everything serves a purpose. This a mastery mindset! We always learn and grow and take the best out of each moment, even if it might not feel that comfortable.


I want to share a simple sequence of questions to letting go, I learned in Eckhart Tolle’s book New Earth:


1. Do you realise that you will have to let go of……….. at some point, perhaps soon?


2. How much more time do you need before you will be ready to let go of it?


3. Will you become less when you let go of it?


4. Has WHO you are become diminished by the loss?


May is the month when roses blossom. Let you be blossoming as the roses… let you be fluid and flexible like the water in the spring river. Whatever life brings to you, embrace it with gratitude and let go of what doesn’t serve you!