Relationships are Like Books

I was organising my library today, and an insight came to me. Relationships are like books. Remember a moment in your life, when you got out from the book store excited because you have just bought the book you wanted to read so much. You went to your favourite park, opened the book with curiosity… perhaps went quickly through the contents and started absorbing each word, and sentence and chapter… until you read the book and found its special place in your library.


There are different kinds of books. Books we want to read again and again. And every time we read them, we are enthralled by them and discover new depths  and nuances, because we read with a shifted mind. Others are books that disappoint us from the very beginning, for various reasons… the style, the story…or something else doesn’t resonate.


I love to say that books find us when we most need them to learn something exactly at that time.


People come into our lives and we build relationships with them and these relationships serve a purpose. Some are exciting, developing to a depth and keep enchanting us. These are like the favourite books we reread. We have the thirst to be in such relationship, because it is mutually rewarding and enriching. Some relationships are short, exciting and/or difficult and challenging… and get to an end naturally because they have served their purpose, and we have learnt a lesson.


We are meant to be connected. That is why we always seek to relate to each other, so that we experience life together, grow, have fun and exciting moments, share moments of pain, support each other… Relationships are meant to teach us during our spiritual journeys. They are meant to be… because we are meant to be connected, but first with our divine essence.


These thoughts I dedicate to all my wonderful clients … as we keep on working on the most sensitive and yet most exciting topic “How do we resonate with each other when we are in a Relation-Ship?”. Are you in the same SHIP with us? J