How To Be More Resilient

We can not reach the Thrive Zone, without the ability of bouncing back after adversity and pain. This is resilience. 

Cheryl Hunter’s Ted Talk inspired me to think about the connection between resilience and the ability to reach the Thrive Zone. The Thrive Zone is a place where we are at our best and live our lives to the fullest.

The key question to me is: what is at the core of having the strength to bounce back – to step into action in a moment of adversity and unbearable challenge? There are many answers and I have noticed that they all have something in common: clarity on who you are, what your life purpose is and a passion to live your purpose and stay aligned with your true Self. I have established this pattern as a result of my research on Effortless High Performance.

If you feel lost and there is no sense of purpose in your life, chances are that you are less resilient. This means that you are disconnected from who you are. This phenomenon is rather frequent in our time.

Cheryl Hunter says: “Resilience is the ability to not only begin after adversities, but to do so with no loss of passion, purpose or power.”

Resilience and Thriving. We thrive when we are at our best. Connectedness with self, others and nature is essential and brings her to her best. She is a brilliant woman and a very successful leader – HR Business Partner in a big multinational company. I had a substantial conversation with her yesterday, while interviewing her on Effortless High Performance. She is currently going through adversity in her life (as we all do, from time to time). I admiringly observed how she was moving forward wholeheartedly and resiliently. What is her way of doing it? Let me share pieces of the wisdom of this amazing woman.

She is at her best when she lives her values, when there is a sense of inner joy, there is a sense of inner peace and happiness (not connected with a person or a situation; it is coming as a source of inner strength), when she is connected. Being connected means being in alignment with herself, the people who believe in her and support her and nature.

Connectedness is the key word to her. When she lives in a connected way – she thrives. What makes her capable of bouncing back is connectedness and being disconnected is exactly what blocks her. I have observed with all my interviewees so far that what enhances their journey to the Thrive Zone is exactly what is blocking them. 

She actually shared that when she was thriving, she was feeling FAITH, trust in life itself, inspiration of dreaming and making the next specific steps towards her dream. She feels creative and there is a sense of discovery and growth.

Her breakthrough formula is to work constantly on herself and increase her level of consciousness. Connectedness helps her to move forward and embrace the opportunity of exploring her inner world with curiosity. She has huge support in this self-discovery and self-connectedness journey from her life coaches (she is working with 2 coaches at that particular moment in her life) and the people who support her unconditionally.

“When I am connected with myself I hear my intuition, my voice of inner wisdom.”

I have discovered my "thrive pattern" over the years and through the numerous big challenges I went through in life.

This is the FAITH pattern. Faith is not just a word. (Merriam Webster defines it as: firm belief in something for which there is no proof). FAITH is a process, consistent actions I take to move myself forward to the natural state of being, creativity and wholehearted living – the Thrive Zone.

F focus and clarity; clarity of my goals and focus on what is meaningful to me

A awareness: being always aware of what is happening within and in my surroundings

I inspiration: connectedness with my values, purpose and inspirational role models

Tenacity = Passion + Patience + Perseverance

Height = the Thrive Zone