Did You Know That Source Of Energy Inside You?

Recently, I had an amazing conversation with a young and talented Business Development Executive. I was interviewing him on the subject of “Effortless High Performance”. We were exploring his success patterns. What truly fascinated me, was the simplicity he was bringing to the complex corporate environment. This only 29 year-old Executive had an amazing track record. He had moved for five years from Research Assistant to Business Development Executive.

Reflecting on our conversation, I gained some insights and confirmations, which I want to share with you. It’s all about personal power and how can personal power moves us forward and helps us to achieve effortlessly.

Let’s start with the word “POWER”. There are nine definitions of this word in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I choose to share three of those. Before that, I would like to ask you: what is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word POWER? If you think in the context of corporation or politics, perhaps it is control. Having power is having position and resources, which make you powerful and having control.

Let us look closely at some of the definitions:

1.    Ability to act or produce an effect

2.    Possession of control, authority or influence over others

3.    A source or means of supplying energy, especially electricity

What is “personal power”? Having been acknowledged, it can lead us to produce amazing results. Personal power for me corresponds more to the third definition “a source of supplying energy”, which leads to producing the effect. Personal power is our inner source of energy that leads to creating impact.

How do we create impact in our organisations, families, society? Perhaps through social power or personal power. They both produce the effects. The question is how sustainable the results are.

Social power is characterized by the abilities to exert dominance, to influence or control the behaviours of others and is earned and expressed through disproportionate control over valued resources whereas personal power is characterized by freedom from dominating others. Personal power is about access to and control of limitless resources – such as our skills and abilities.

Going back to the conversation I had with this talented young executive, I want to share his answer to my question: “How does having a personal power relate to effortless high performance?” The link for him is very strong. For him, having clarity of who he is, being aligned with his core values, always acting based on what he truly believes in, was the driver to success. Let me just point out that his latest success is being prized with The President Club prestigious award as a Top 1 Sales Performer 2016 within the pharmaceutical group he works for. As he mentioned, no one could get this award for more than five years. 

When asking him about when he performs effortlessly, he shared the following – “When I do something meaningful, when I help others, because I know that the more success I bring to others, the more successful I feel.”

Not surprisingly to me, I confirmed that we are flowing and performing effortlessly, when we are at our best. And we are at our best, when we are dedicated to something meaningful, which corresponds to who we truly are, what we truly and deeply value. As simple as that.

How about the factors which influence our performance? The factors for his success are internal and those are solid preparation, learning, growing, implementing, discipline and having a “clear mind”.

This is a very good example of how having clarity of who you are, being aligned with your purpose, following your principles, being persistent and disciplined can lead to amazing results.

The bottom line is power affects our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and even physiology in fundamental ways that directly facilitate or obstruct our presence, our performance, and the very course of our lives. The more we are aware of our personal power, the more effortlessly we achieve. Personal power makes us more open, optimistic, and risk tolerant and therefore more likely to notice and take advantage of opportunities.

“Most powerful is he who has himself his own power!” Seneca