Want a Beautiful Life? How to Break The Rules and Be Your True Self.

Breaking the rules is all about authenticity. This probably sounds bizarre. It does not, to me. My personal story confirms it and I will gladly share it with you.

What is the first association, which comes to your mind when you hear the word authenticity? For me, it’s freedom.

How much freedom do you have in your life? When did you last experience the feeling that you are free? Free to do what you love to do, with the people that truly understand you, in alignment with your core values.

Whenever the word “authenticity” comes to my mind, I quite often recollect my childhood. It was abundant with moments of joy, laughter, freedom from care. Childhood and authenticity - my four-year old nephew is a wonderful example of being authentic. I see the bliss in his eyes, his curiosity for life, his never ending value-seeking questions, loads of creativity. That’s what we experience when we are authentic.

The question I keep asking is: Do we really experience authentic lives as adults? Where do we show up authentically – at home with our families, when we are with friends, or at work?

My personal coach and business partner Sandy Amaro talks about intuition and how it can help us thrive in life and business. Daniel Jordi, a strategist and connector talks about bringing humanity into business. What they claim is authenticity. We can create together humane organizations which perform at their best only by being authentic leaders.

What is leadership? For me leadership is how you interact with everyone, including yourself. Leading is the way we help people getting to act, including ourselves. The question is not whether you are a leader, but how well you lead. Authentic leadership starts with building a wonderful and genuine relationship with yourself. It starts with understanding who you are, what your values are and finding out what your life purpose is.

Looking back in the times of my career as a corporate leader, I observed that the moments I was thriving were when I was in alignment with myself. I had periods of time when I was not doing what I loved, I was not surrounded by people who were inspirational for me, and I had to put a protective shield and play a role – not being myself. I realized it did not work like this.

My truth is: We believe we know who we truly are until the moment we realize we don’t. And this is the moment when life puts us in adversity and pain. This is a moment that inspires us to wake up and start growing.

My personal journey taught me a lesson of authentic leadership. And it went through a rather painful cycle in my career and personal life. To cut a long story short, I would love to share with you my steps, which took me to the end of the tunnel, where I could see the light. While going through a major life change (personal and professional), the pain was calling me to wake up and start searching within myself. This was in the year 2014. Back then I was taking my certification in coaching. While this was a painful period due to the changes I was going through, it was also a blissful season of awaking. Being surrounded by people eager to learn and grow, with much brighter attitude to life, I found my values and purpose.

Along the journey, I started to realign my actions with my values and was taking conscious steps forward. I had lots of ups and downs. When your steps are conscious, when you take them one at a time, trusting the process, when you are patient and with the right people by your side, the change is smoother. That’s how I changed my habits - with persistency and discipline. I am completely aware and want to reiterate that surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and help you grow is essential and a huge piece of the puzzle. The puzzle of the new life you are creating for yourself.

This was my journey—painful, but exciting and enlightening. It was and still is a journey of raising my level of consciousness. Going through the phases I shared, I learned how to tap into the higher levels of consciousness where I experience more joy, happiness, fulfillment, creativity—levels, where I attract abundance and plenty of opportunities. Levels where I show-up as an authentic leader of my life.

And I want to say thank you to my clients and partners because they taught me a lot. I truly believe that in every person we meet in our lives we meet a student and a teacher.

The very first step to take in your journey to authenticity (authentic leadership) is to know where you are and where you want to be.

I highly recommend a wonderful assessment, which will unfold a truth. The truth how much potential you have for success in life and business. It gives you immense clarity on your level of consciousness. I always use it as a fundamental work with my clients. It tells me so much and brings to them so many aha moments. If you want to learn more about this fundamental work and see the results scientifically proven by iPEC (The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) don’t hesitate to check the Study: Key Factor Revealed For Determining Success in Work and in Life.

Curious to learn more about the ELI (Energy Leadership Index) assessment? Just send me an e-mail or give me a call.